It's Fleet Week.

Sat, May. 27th, 2017 01:23 am
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I absolutely hate Fleet Week, and I'll tell you why.

Fleet Week involves air shows. Air shows sometimes end up sending fighter planes over my house. Fighter planes over my house panic me and bring me back to my third period class on 9/11, when they were right over my school. This is not good.

And I feel so stupid about it. Nobody I knew got hurt. Nobody I knew* was even there - the closest was Jenn, on the boat. She just walked off back into the terminal and went home. Likewise, my mother and I were both on Staten Island. (And trapped here for a week!) It's not like I had to flee Lower Manhattan with body parts raining down on me.

So even though "a lingering dislike of low-flying planes, especially fighter planes" is a very, very minor side effect of 9/11, I don't like having any at all, like it's somehow disrespectful to people who actually suffered and actually have PTSD. (And you don't need to tell me that this is a ridiculous position. Knowing that doesn't make it better, and I feel like the vicious cycle this can lead to is a bit self-evident.)

On the plus side, and there is a plus side, at least I'm aware it's Fleet Week. It's only really bad when I don't pay attention to the calendar and am completely taken by surprise. One year the airshow was a week late or something, and I ended up in the basement with the girls. They thought I was completely overreacting. And I was, but if I hadn't been, I might've just saved their lives, so whatever.

Edit: Actually, I had the bright idea after typing all this up to look at the schedule. Looks like all airshows have already happened. Boy, is that a relief. Worked myself up over nothing!

(Still don't like Fleet Week.)

* This is not strictly true. My mother's coworkers were all there, and I knew many of them. But you know what I mean, I hope. Anyway, they all survived with no physical injuries.

Fess up

Sat, May. 27th, 2017 12:04 am
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Which of you mentioned "cultural appropriation" to Orson Scott Card?

Also, are Irish accents really as hard as all that for Americans to understand?
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Went to see Synetic Theater's Hunchback of Notre Dame tonight with [personal profile] greenygal as her treat.

This one was a wordless production, but fairly true to the book, including the 'everyone's dead' end.

The use of masks in the production was fantastic, especially with Frollo. There are several scenes where he seems to be fighting his mask -- his real feelings against what he should present to the world -- and in the finale it is Quasimodo against Frollo's mask, to the point where Frollo was killed when Quasimodo broke his mask into two.

Actually, some of the best sequences were of Frollo against himself, generally protrayed by Frollo, a dance troupe of six gargoyles mimicing his every move, and his fevered image of Esmerelda, portrayed in a change of dress and a concealing full-face mask to show this was Frollo's image of her, and not actually her, as Esmerelda wore lighter colors and was one of the few actors not wearing a mask as at all, though she did have make-up making a partial mask across her forehead, as did many of the 'beggar' characters. Phoebus and the guard were portrayed in shiny, military-style gasmasks, which emphasized their authority and also allowed several members of the ensemble to play soldiers (gasmask), gargoyle (plague-doctor mask), or beggar (domino make-up) as the scene required.

The next and final production of the season is going to be Mark of Cain, an original (instead of adapted) peice. I'm not sure if I'll go see it, but generally Synetic doesn't disappoint me.

Next season is already available for subscription, being: The Adventures of Peter Pan, The Trial (Kafka), Titus Andronicus, and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, which is a bit of an odd mix, in my opinion. Of course, it all depends on my employment status when next season rolls around.

stuff done: Tuesday-Friday

Fri, May. 26th, 2017 10:27 pm
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1. Put away laundry.

2. Wrote some character descriptions for "Intervention" and emailed them to my WIP Big Bang artist. That was actually a very useful exercise, because I had not thought in detail about the characters' appearances before and now I can try to work some of those visual details into the story text.

Like, about all I had before was that Kath is short and wears her hair in braids, Jahiem is a lot taller than Kath, Adam has blond hair and always wears black, Inez wears a gold cross necklace, Jayavanti is a bit taller than both Kath and Hegev, Nico is tall and often sleep-deprived, Hegev is Tellarite, Zhi-ren has long hair he sometimes puts into a ponytail, Fra Treefell is weather-beaten, and Elakwa looks like Marina Sirtis's more tired and less fashion-conscious cousin. Which is not a lot to be going on. Now I know a lot more. :)

3. Put my peppers and squash out all day on Wednesday, since the forecast predicted a mostly cloudy day rather than full sunlight.

more items under the cut )

10. Finally got around to cooking the fajita filling for which I chopped and froze the ingredients a couple weeks ago. \o/ That's now in the fridge, cooling down, and I'll stick it in the freezer in the morning.
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I had to guess using my history, and there were a few I had open for long term use and now I don't remember what they were.

Very annoyed.

Gilmore Girls

Fri, May. 26th, 2017 09:53 pm
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My roommate and I decided to watch the latest Gilmore Girls four-parter, A Year in the Life, which mostly I enjoyed very much: Stars Hollow is as charming as ever, I loooooved getting cameos from so many beloved characters (I never watched Gilmore Girls regularly, so it's kind of alarming how many characters I remembered and what strong feelings I have about them all), and just generally Gilmore Girls is always a good time.

But we got to the ending and...

Spoilers )

I also would have liked to see a bit more Paris, because the show leaves her hanging at a terrible place and then we never see her again, and - fair enough - there's a lot of other characters and storylines they had to fit in (SOOKIE'S RETURN!!!! AAAAAHHHHHH I LOVED THAT), but still. THERAPY FOR PARIS. Although honestly she will probably benefit from it no more than Emily Gilmore and for exactly the same reason: being vulnerable for someone who is basically a stranger, PAH, that is not within their code.

...Also seeing Guardians of the Galaxy 2 while in the midst of a Gilmore Girls rewatch was totally hilarious, because the guy who plays Kirk is a minion in GotG2 and he is basically exactly what Kirk the Space Minion would be. SPACE MINION KIRK.

(no subject)

Fri, May. 26th, 2017 06:50 pm
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Netflix movie Whip It )

I just finished a great book, The Disastrous Mrs. Weldon by Brian Thompson. She was a true Victorian eccentric. From the moment she was born she was overweening ego and kept grudges for everyone who ever crossed her, real or imagined.

She dreamed of a career as a singer and formed an alliance with the French composer, Gounod. He was her pet? Submissive? Lover? Collaborator? Anyway, the time he spent with her exhausted him.

One of the positive things she did accomplish through many the lawsuits she brought was public examination of the lunacy laws (because of one her life’s adventures). These laws made it too easy for inconvenient people to be locked away.

The author wrote this book because of multiple volume autobiography she wrote. In French, published in France because she would have been sued for all the libel the thing contained.

I wish the author had other books; I really like his style.

Highly recommended.
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I have a problem, okay? [community profile] fffc is hosting their June special Mini Summer Bingo and I just had to sign up. XD

Table! )

I really like how ALL OF THESE could fit for FFXV. :\a But I'm going to try and do a nice fandom spread instead, haha.

EDIT: Hiding the table behind a cut because it has spacing issues and the html is a little overly complicated and I'm not messing with it today. :\ But anyways, sleeping under the stars and karaoke bar definitely need to be FFXV, while idk about everything else. No clue. XD

Tomorrow my work is celebrating its 2 year anniversary with a dumb party with games and contests and stuff and people are bringing their dogs and bluh. I love dogs, in particular my dogs, but I'm so over being constantly surrounded by dogs. And tbh I don't really care for the people who are planning on showing up either. :\ Also, boss's super homophobic asshole boyfriend is going to be there grilling hotdogs, so just. Freaking end me and also keep me in your thoughts. ;;;;

Ballade of Lost Objects

Fri, May. 26th, 2017 09:30 pm
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I would like my cell phone case back, but that's been gone for over a year. I would like my velcro leg bandage back because I had it last week. I think it's in the blue shopping bag but I can't find that either. I would like my hedge clippers back; possibly the s-i-l has them, but I think I guarded them more carefully last year.

I do not want the skunks back but there they were- or it was- permeating last night's clammy muggy night air. Skunk smells very much like marijuana, did you know? It's also possible that skunk will deter raccoons: a high price to pay, but I'll take skunk over raccoon any day of the week.

Highlights of the Last Week of School

Fri, May. 26th, 2017 08:26 pm
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I'm done!!! I've turned in my grades, packed up my room, and am comfortably ensconced on my couch. I don't have to be back at work until early August - two whole months of vacation. Well, except for the things I need to get done over the summer, but those are for July. June, I am taking as a proper vacation month, with all that entails (including a trip away from home!).

While this last week has been incredibly hectic and stressful, there have been some memorable moments. They have brightened my days as I've worked late to make sure I could check out today, rather than go back next week to finish up my work. They are presented in no particular order.

1. The Chickens. This really is the stand-out event from the week. Wednesday morning, as I was walking in, one of my colleagues warned me to "watch out for the chickens" as I went through the courtyard to my part of campus. Chickens? Seriously?

Seriously. Someone - or someones - had gotten into the Ag teacher's chicken coop and brought about a dozen hens up from the field and into the enclosed courtyard at the center of our campus. Our Ag teacher was just coming up with a student and a box when I was crossing the courtyard toward my room, so I decided to help him corral the chickens into a corner to catch and bring back to the coop. As we worked, one of our assistant principals came out to see, and then she ended up helping. And then a few more students joined in. And then the custodial staff, who had been called to help, joined in. We managed to get and safely remove 10 of the chickens as a group, and our Ag teacher left with them in cardboard boxes (it calms chickens down, apparently), one of which was my empty t-shirt box, which I ran to grab when we realized one box wasn't going to hold all the chickens.

I've no idea if this was a final senior prank (this was the morning of graduation), or kids from another school engaging in a bit of "rivalry", but either way, it was an experience. The chickens are all okay, thankfully, and while it was a bit messy on the sidewalk, it was kind of fun to help flush the chickens to a designated spot.

2. Graduation. Misty and chilly with a bit of drizzle. That's how graduation began on Wednesday evening, and while the drizzle and mist went away over the course of the hour and a half outside, we were left chilly and a bit damp. But, the seniors enjoyed themselves. The three student speeches were excellent. The cheers and positive shouts from the bleachers made so many kids smile, even if the shouts weren't for them. Hearing the support of family and friends for their friends made them happy.

I was fortunate enough to end up sitting on the end of a row beside three students I knew, and we ended up sharing looks and quiet in-jokes as the ceremony progressed. After it was done, many people cleared out quickly because rain threatened to start up again, but I was able to see and congratulate many of my former students and club members before everyone dispersed.

3. Review games. My classes all play the same game at the end of the year for a review - a combination of Risk and Jeopardy, writ large on the white board, with the prize of extra credit hanging like grapes for them. The categories and questions vary from class to class, based on the focus of the exam, and the questions are all student-made. The students love this game, and look forward to playing, even if they're pretty sure they'll end up exempt from the final. They get to play in teams and strategize and compete in a healthy way.

The class I'm especially pleased with in terms of how they handled the game is the class that I've had the worst time managing this year. I straight-up messed up with how I handled the class, and how I treated them as individuals and as a class as a whole. They were a mixed-bag of student types, and I let things get away from me. But during the game, they all played well and played hard, knowing that some of their teammates had to take the final. It ended up, when all was said and done, that only two of the students had to come back for their final exam - everyone else was exempt.

And here is where I was especially proud of them. The first place team were all exempt. They asked if they could forfeit their win to the second place teams (there was a tie), so that a person on one of those teams could have the maximum extra credit. The second place team without an exam-taker, and the third place team as well, also asked if they could forfeit their points to the students who were taking the final. The points are only applied to the final exam - they don't go onto the fourth quarter, or final grade. Nevertheless, they wanted their peers to have the most possible points going into the final, in case they got stuck in a section and needed a few extra points. I agreed and told them how kind I thought they were to suggest the idea. And it did end up helping both students.

4. Informal Evaluation. This same class is the only one I asked to write me a reflection on the term. I had a pretty good handle on what went well and what needed improvement in my other two classes, but since this class was made up of so many different types of students, who all had very different ideas about how the same events played out, I wanted their opinions. I tell my students to be completely honest in these reflections, and to give reasons why they liked or hated the things they talked about.

This class has proven over the year that they can speak their minds with honesty. They fill a chart daily with information that helps me plan ahead, and helps me get an idea of how well what happened in class went over. They are not shy in their opinions. And when given the opportunity to write them down, students who don't normally speak up had a chance to say their piece without comment from their peers.

As I'd expected, there were vastly different opinions on certain aspects of class. What one student adored, another found useless to them. But there were common threads through the reflections, particularly in the "what didn't you like and what needs improvement" portion, that rang true. Some of them were written more bluntly than others. Some were long paragraphs, while some were bullet point lists. And as I read, I kept nodding my head. They knew what was wrong with class this year, and some offered suggestions I'm looking forward to trying in the fall when they come back for the next level of Latin. The critiques helped me greatly.

I've brought the cards home with me, so I can refer to them in July when I start school planning. I'm thankful that they trust me when I ask for honesty, and tell them they really can write whatever they're feeling without sugar-coating it. It gives me more insight into how they perceived class, and shows me where my shortcomings and biases are. I can make better choices in class management next year because of their comments.

5. Farewells. Some amazing people are leaving us this year. While I am sad to see them go, I've enjoyed working with them, and will miss them greatly. I was pleased to see how the school handled most of their farewells. We had a mini-ceremony during lunch for our retirees. We celebrated them, and were able to show our appreciation for them.

Not everyone got a heartwarming send-off, however. Those who were changing schools, or whose contracts weren't renewed got nary a mention. The colleague who's been helping me with my Anime Club the last two years falls into this category. Contract not renewed, no recognition of the two years of service to the school. In club last week, we gave him a card and a warm farewell. I've seen him in the building all week, and we've talked about his prospects and such. Today, before he left, he popped into my room and gave me a goodbye hug. I think he got a send-off from his department - I don't see them all much, sadly. But the lack of recognition from administration saddened me. Fortunately, we're facebook friends, so we can keep in touch (I can't wait to see wedding pictures if/when he posts them later this summer).

6. Playtime in the halls! I want to end on a happy note, and this made me very happy. Our exam days are half-days for students. In the afternoons, it's just faculty and staff - and their school-aged children. There are several elementary and middle-school aged kids in our department, and who are friendly with each other. My afternoons the last few days have been marked with the sounds of laughing, soccer balls hitting lockers, and rolling-chair races. They have such fun that I can't help but smile when I hear them. One of my exam-takers today left a balloon in my room, and I passed it along to the kids, so they could play "keep the balloon in the air" if they wanted. When I left, they were running toward the courtyard, balloon in hand, to play out in the grass.

And now, it's done. I won't see the majority of my colleagues until August. I have time to relax and have time to myself, and time to get things moving for next year. I'm going to enjoy my summer, and I'm already looking forward to the stories the students will tell when they come into class after the long break.

Flash #22

Fri, May. 26th, 2017 08:36 pm

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Fri, May. 26th, 2017 08:04 pm
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Title: Plots of Sax
Rating: T
Universe: Biscuitverse (BBC Sherlock)
Character(s): Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, Mary Morstan
Summary: For once it’s not (entirely) autocorrect’s fault.
Warnings/Enticements: Polyamory, Non-Consensual Drug Use, Texting, Humour
Word Count: 596

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