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You are inspiring! Maybe I will do short takes, too.


It is AMAZING how much my feelings towards Arrow have improved now that they have revealed all the terrible secrets. And by "terrible," I don't mean that the events themselves were terrible, I mean that keeping them secret was a terrible idea. WHY WOULD YOU EVEN DO THAT, WRITERS! WHY!

I think the Laurel as Canary storyline has finally made the character fall into place. I really like that we get to see her (and Oliver and Thea) struggling to learn how to fight, instead of being instantly good at it. (The lack of this was one of my big gripes with Roy's storyline, but I'm trying to let it go.) At the same time, I miss Sara, and feel the storyline could have been done with minor adjustments if the show had just killed off Quentin instead.

I do actively ship Oliver/Felicity and I am SO ANNOYED the show has handled it so terribly I don't want them to do it anymore.

Thank goodness smug DJ is dead.

Unlike everyone else on the face of the earth, I found Maseo's "That disguise wouldn’t work if you had greasepaint all over your face" HILARIOUS.

Basically, everything you said.

THE 100
The last two episodes are good but brutal, so don't watch them when down. There is a lot more Clarke interacting with Lexa and Abby, and a little more Clarke interacting with Raven.

The Mt. Weather world-building makes me tear out my hair. Human blood is an infinitely renewable resource, as long as you have living human bodies! Why are you kidnapping and torturing Grounders instead of making trade pacts with them? I get that bone marrow extracts are more painful and invasive and probably put a strain on bodies if repeated, but ... you don't actually need to kill them off! And it all contributes to this kind of political grimdark world-building where we meant to see people making painful but necessary choices, and all I see is the cheating in the setup.

I can argue that Mt. Weather would rather torture the Grounders than trade with them because they see them as savages, inhuman, but I need an acknowledgement of how counterproductive their behavior is.

I wonder if they got a CGI bargain. Two killer gorillas for the price of one.

I told Vonnie recently that I was incapable of talking about what I loved best about these shows, because it's all a flood of JANE! GINA RODRIGUEZ! JANE! PEGGY! HAYLEY ATWELL! PEGGY! Even with all the problems (especially Agent Carter), they make me so happy.
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