Wed, Oct. 16th, 2013

Reading Wednesday

Wed, Oct. 16th, 2013 04:31 pm
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What I've read: Managed to finish some more awards reading, yay! I have also finally picked up Steam-Powered 1 again after finishing Steam-Powered 2 over the weekend (I need to check to table of contents again to see which stories stood out in particular), and I'm having fun rereading "The Effluent Engine." The biggest downside to Steam-Powered 2 was that the stories often stopped juuust as I had been drawn in. I wish so many of them were the first chapter of books instead of standalone shorts.

What I'm reading: As mentioned, rereading some of the stories in Steam-Powered 1 that I've already read, and then hopefully finishing the anthology.

Random book-shaped space: I am also passive aggressively hoping that my mom decides to leave the tablet here for me to use, because I am too wary to actually ask for it, even though my dad did offer it to me if I wanted. I have weird and conflicting feelings re: accepting stuff from my parents. On the plus side, very excited about the Yuki Kaori and Mizushiro Setona licensing news from NYCC! Amazingly, I may actually be more excited re: Mizushiro, because of the creepy vampires. Also, I am laughing a bit thinking of it in Shojo Beat and how it will possibly traumatize people who start reading it for sexy vampires.


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