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Well, that was not terrible or amazing. So I will keep watching and see if it improves or gets worse, since there have been some things set up that look interesting.

Spoilers were in Tahiti

The voiceover was pretty terrible, as was the introduction of bland white guy. Ward? He is the only one whose name I don't remember, which says something! I totally scoffed when Coulson said his spying was second only to Romanoff's.

Hi Maria Hill! I did not recognize you with your hair down! Hi Book! Hi Gunn!

I did not much like Skye from the few trailers I'd seen, since she looked remarkably like Faith 3.0 (physically too!) but her being a total dork in front of Gunn/Mike was cute. Also, I think [personal profile] giandujakiss's point about female fans being mocked more often than male ones is spot on. Mostly I'm hoping that the show doesn't whitewash her.

Fitz and Simmons were funny, as they were meant to be, though I felt overall, a lot of the quips and one liners in the episode weren't nearly as good as they should have been. They mostly felt very expected, with the exception of the truth serum twist, which I did like.

I am worried that the show will make Coulson too cool. It was tempered by the occasional dorky moment, but overall having him in charge was odd.

Melinda May is awesome, and I am glad she clearly has a Mysterious Backstory with Angst that will be gradually revealed.

Seriously, what is Ward's role on the team supposed to be, besides new recruit to explain things to (which Skye plays as well)? Melinda also has the fighting skills and the past experience with SHIELD operations, Skye also acts as the audience stand-in/person to explain things to, and other than that...?

Re: JAR's character. SIGH. I guess it's nice that they had a black man as a caring father? On the other hand, it would be nice if he didn't have rage issues due to Extremis and have to be depowered or something due to that, and that whole speech about being the little guy in front of the mural of brown people in Union Station was just painful. Especially when it's Coulson the older white guy reaching out a hand, and then JAR getting shot down. Seriously Joss, what made you think any of this was a good idea?

Liked the twist about the woman he saved being the evil scientist. Female evil scientists and Extremis... what's the deal?

Probably sticking around just to get to the Melinda May backstory, and hopefully the quirky young twenty-somethings will get more to do than standing around and being quirky. Also, I really hope the writing stops trying to be funny and quirky and self referential and emotion-stirring and actually IS funny and touching.

In other news, I did not see a single commercial for other ABC shows, Thor 2, or IM3 DVDs during the Hulu stream. Amazing!
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