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There's a really common trope in fiction that healers (unless they're evil) aren't supposed to kill or be ruthless because it's their calling to save lives, not take them, and healers (particularly healers) are usually "talked down" from revenge and such to save them from tarnishing themselves or whatever.

I think Clarke's "he's your friend" to Lincoln was also about the fact that Finn was the one who reached out AFTER Lincoln stabbed and poisoned him (which is the only redeemable thing Finn did for me the whole series so far). But yes, I think Clarke sees the Grounders as more human that the Mount Weather people (who have even said they don't consider the Grounders to be human, and are behind most of the "savages" comments) but agree that she has a long way to go.

I started off neutrally disinterested in both Finn and Bellamy, but quickly came to hate Finn and a bit more slowly became very fond of Bellamy. (Which is a bit odd for me, because I usually don't care for CW's "hot bad boy" characters all that much. Or outright hate them.)

The spacewalk was Finn's idea, and he's still the one who screwed up (and with Raven, there's also the psychological and emotional aspect of the only person who's ever loved her setting up something that she thought she'd never be able to do otherwise for her, which is going to impact anyone's judgement) so even though he did it for someone he loved (which I'm pretty sure is what we're supposed to focus on) it was still his screwup, even though, on the surface, it seems to be an attempt to shift the blame.
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