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Huh. I am getting a little more emotionally invested in this. This was not the plan! This is supposed to be my fun, cracktastic fling of a show that occasionally shows up with heads in jars!

... anyway, mostly trying to keep expectations low.

Spoilers have creepier imagery than I would like

The good:

  • Abbie backstory! Jenny! Jenny meeting Ichabod! Pretty much anything that had to do with Abbie and Jenny! I think if I shipped the show, it would be Jenny/anyone she talks to.

  • I'm still holding off to see how the overall treatment of mental illness is, as well as the possible stereotype of Crazy Black Woman. Obviously, like Sarah Connor, Jenny is not crazy, and it's interesting that the episode focuses on all the people who basically abandoned her to that label despite knowing the truth.

  • Yay, the captain is falling more into the gruff-but-mostly-fair supervisor type. I love that he lets Abbie and Ichabod take over that random room, and that he doesn't actually care about the explanation for the case, as long as it's been fixed. I also really liked his confronting Abbie's ex over the headless traffic sign.

The bad:

  • It would be nice if it weren't always the white guy making points about slavery or Native American government. I am glad at least that the points weren't about how close to the land and innocent and unspoiled the Native Americans were, but rather how the US government was basically based on the governing structures of Indian federations.

  • Really wish Abbie had not framed it so that it sounded like Native Americans were basically relics of the past.

  • I also don't know much about the Mohawk nation, but I was confused re: the "no pow wows" line. And googling "Mohawk pow wow" brings up stuff. So...??

  • I roll my eyes SO MUCH at the whole shaman/scorpion/dream tea/monster thing. Oh Sleepy Hollow, no. Does anyone know how accurate any of it was? Ditto with the clothing/hair/etc. of the Mohawk guys in Ichabod's flashback. At least I think the actor they cast as the shaman is Native?

    ... it is so sad that casting a Native actor is a plus instead of a given. Oh Hollywood...-_-;;
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