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Sigh. I need to stop reading other reaction posts before I write my own, at least while I'm in my current brain state.

Elementary 1x23-1x24 The Woman/Heroine

I was very psyched when Irene turned out to be not-hallucinatory and not-fridged in the beginning, and even more pleased with the gender role reversal of Sherlock staying behind to take care of her while Joan went off to do the investigative work. Despite enjoying the Moriarty twist, I could have also watched much more of Sherlock and Irene and PTSD and addiction and how to get through those, with Joan being an awesome investigator and eventually facing down Moriarty. Loved all the scenes with Joan, Gregson, and Bell, particularly the one in which she finds the clue in the paint.

Though I enjoyed the flashbacks, they didn't quite jive with what Sherlock said prior to the episode. Frex, I really do not see Irene (pre-reveal) as someone who is optimistic and sees the most in humanity, though she does seem to have more zest for life than Sherlock. And also, Sherlock didn't feel very different from the Sherlock we know, despite the fact that Irene is supposedly his first real human connection. I guess it would have been nice to get more of a before/after re: Irene to have a better idea of the influence she had over him. Also, love Sherlock noting that the "guess which paintings are real" bet was a game and not an implicit threat to turn her in. I was a little less happy about the showing up in front of her house thing, especially after multiple non-communications from her, but I like the details: he tries to make it clear that he wants a reason and will not bother her again, and she's the one who takes the step into his personal space, which subtly gives her some more initiative.

Post-reveal: I really did not think they were going to go there! Awesome. As with the possibility of Moriarty as black British, I have some quibbles, but uh, I like my scary icy women too much to dwell on them. Also, I love that Irene's slightly odd American accent is actually canonically an accent that she is adopting. That said, totally handwaving how obvious it was, since hopefully Sherlock would have detected the bits of other accent underneath!

Stuff did go down kind of fast after the reveal. CB was a little disappointed in how much more open Moriarty became afterward—meeting the Narwhal in person seemed a little OOC given the various cell phones and coded messages and whatnot. I am also not too impressed with the actual plot scheme and how a lot of the plot logistics tied together (still not entirely sure how the mole gave Moriarty away, or why she wanted Sherlock to go after Sutter Risk Management). That said, I really can't have too much of Natalie Dormer going out and criminal mastermind-ing!

The confrontation with Joan was awesome, and I really like that the show did not put Joan in a spot where she had to be rescued. There have been so many digs at Joan's confidence throughout the entire series: the pre-series surgical error that leads to her change of career, Sherlock himself thinking of her first as an annoyance and then as a mere listener, her mother doubting her decision to become a sober companion, then her friends staging an intervention for her. After that, Joan looked somewhat uncomfortable with Moriarty, but nowhere near as flabbergasted as she was during the intervention. Moriarty, after all, has all the nooks and crannies of Sherlock's brain figured out, but she in no way has the same significance to Joan.

Also, omg Sherlock, pain can muddle the head just as much as a non-narcotic painkiller!

I loved the moment of temptation re: the Vicodin, and I really loved Joan standing up to his guilt trip when they're yelling at each other. She doesn't say it out loud, but I'm pretty sure Joan's definition of a partner (and probably Sherlock's, when he's less at odds with her and in a better mental state) is someone who will be there for you but also has the guts and the clarity to tell you when they think you're wrong. I did read the fight as being very real, though I don't know if Joan had the idea of luring Moriarty in beforehand, or if she stumbled across it during the argument.

And so much yay to Sherlock straight out telling Moriarty that it was Joan all the way, that there were now two people who could surprise her, and one of them she never saw coming. I do wish we had seen a bit more of Joan in the end with Moriarty, but oh well. I also like that the entire faux-relapse thing was a team effort including Gregson and Bell, especially since they aren't as present in the finale. (I wanted more Bell in particular, though I love the awkward trying-to-be-sympathetic moment with Sherlock in the car. That said, I very much admired his well-fitted shirt. What?)

I've seen posts on both sides re: Moriarty being brought down by love for Sherlock. I read it more as hubris and greed, in the underestimation of Watson to Moriarty's possessiveness of Sherlock, and in part, I thought that the fake-relapse was effective not necessarily because Moriarty loves Sherlock, but because it is something that might destroy a work of fine art. And possibly hints of the trope of "Only I am allowed to defeat my enemy!" that is so prevalent in shounen manga. (Though seriously, Moriarty, you didn't even think about bugs? Despite having eyes and ears everywhere?) Also, I'm pretty sure she's not going to be in prison for very long.

And finally: bee! He named a bee after her! OMG, Joan's smile in the end, I love it so much!

Other notes:
- I was a bit taken aback by Joan's "Let's go get that bitch" line, in part because I am not very fond of gendered slurs (GoT, please stop using "cunt" GAH), and in part because it felt kind of OOC. And not even in the "it was a slip in Joan's professional demeanor" that her side comment of "I need a drink" was.
- I want Moriarty's suits.
- I was kind of sad the call about Joan's mother was a trick, even though there was obviously no room to fit them in the finale... more of her family next season please?
- Love how Sherlock temporarily keeping the painting from one episode was probably a homage to Irene.
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